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Upcoming Events

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28th October Saturday afternoon – 17H00-19H00

5th November Sunday morning – 10H30-12H30

Magical Soundbath

My sound baths are a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music. This creates an immersive sound that fills the room and the body, aiming to help relax and let go of stress, anxiety, or other worries and concerns. Furthermore, it is a beautiful moment to enjoy alone or with your loved ones. The instruments I use are not the ones you would usually associate with music. They have these magical sounds that comfort your heart and bring you to a magical place you cannot really put your finger on!

Come enjoy waves of enchanting and soothing sounds. A full body meditative experience! As usual, I have new additions to my panoply of magic instruments and magic sound sources.

Price: 25€

We’ll have a little moment at the end to chat, snack and sip on some tea!

 (Group of max. 10 people, Book in advance to ensure your spot!) Book here: / 0471 62 87 12

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18 November Saturday - 17H30-19H30

 YOGALATES & Apero: 

Get your funky on! Wear your leg warmers, bright colourful clothes, neon’s, or anything which brings you back to the 80’s and join us in this awesome Yoga and Pilates class! 75 minutes of an energizing class set to your favorite 80’s tunes. A funky and original apero waiting for you at the end!

Price: 35€

 (Group of max. 10 people, Book in advance to ensure your spot!) Book here: / 0471 62 87 12


3 December Sunday - 18H00-19H30
16 December Saturday - 18H00-19H30

Candlelight YIN YOGA - Chakra Balance & Healing

A yin yoga sequence for the 7 main chakras that will help to go deeper into the subtle layers of the body, releasing deeply rooted tension, gently stimulating, and balancing these centres, so the energy starts to flow.

Working with the chakras can bring a new sense of purpose to your relationships, your perception of the world, goals, visions and dreams.

Be aware that letting go of anything that no longer benefits you will empower you to radiate your light. Permit the release of old and stagnant energies, thoughts, and emotions, allowing them to effortlessly flow away from you.

Price: 25€

 (Group of max. 10 people, Book in advance to ensure your spot!) Book here: / 0471 62 87 12

Past Events

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