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*** Workshop International Day of Yoga – 22 June (Saturday) ***
22 June (Saturday)
Price: 40€

The 21 June is the International Day of Yoga. I propose we celebrate this on the 22 June, on a Saturday with a beautiful workshop to help you delve deeper into the practice, going beyond the asanas (postures) we practice in class.
Here’s what’s on the menu:
-         Yoga History
A journey to the origins of Yoga to understand the context in which yoga’s teachings appeared.
(Guest speaker)
-         Yoga Philosophy
We’ll learn about the fundamental principles and ethical guidelines that underpin yogic philosophy.
-         Sun Salutation Marathon
We will do a Sun Salutation marathon, which is a profound practice: a moving meditation, helping us connect deeply with our breaths, bodies, and minds. We will build up stamina, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, emotional release, discipline, commitment and sense of achievement. In our group practice, we will have a collective energy which will amplify energetic and spiritual experience, creating a powerful collective intention. – this is an excellent way to mark a transition or set intentions. We will also do an altar for our practice.
You’ll leave with notes, philosophical foundations that will enrich your yoga practice, and full of energy from our Sun Salutation Practice .
The workshop will emphasize the integration of mind, body, and spirit, offering insights into how these teachings can be applied in daily life to promote holistic well-being, inner peace, and self-realization.

 (Group of max. 10 people, Book in advance to ensure your spot!) Book here: / 0471 62 87 12

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Past Events

Possibility of re-creating these events for groups of 4 to 5 people.

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