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Massage Therapy

I offer several types of massage, at the studio in Ixelles / Watermael Boitsfort. 

You can book your session at your desired slot and ask any questions. You can also gift a voucher to someone (*validity 4 months). Just contact me on +32 471 62 87 12 or

***Women's massage only ***

Only 1 cancellation will be tolerated 48 hours in advance with proof (medical, death, birth) or once/year for regular customers (coming at least 4 times per year). Cancellations of less than 48 hours are due and payment will be requested.

Types of Massage - Prices

Your condition, goal and pressure preferences are taken into consideration during a briefing at the beginning. The session ends with a little cup of warm tea. 🤍

Massage Thai Bruxelles

Thai Yoga Massage 

60/90 min


During a Thai Yoga Massage, I will focus on improving and balancing the flow of energy throughout your body. I will combine dynamic-assisted stretching movements influenced by Yoga with physical pressure applied along Sen meridians (Thai energy lines). You can expect to have your body stretched and twisted in several directions, with gentle care! In this massage, you will be wearing loose confortable clothes. This massage technique which combines compression, acupressure, and passive stretching, will bring a greater range of motion to your joints and muscles, improve your posture, reduce headaches, lower stress, lower pain levels, improve digestion and sleep, and many others.

Massage Watermael Boitsfort

Coconut Oil Massage

60/90 min


Enjoy one of the most relaxing massages thanks to the warmth, fluidity, and smoothness of coconut oil. You will experience a massage which has been performed for centuries in Southeast Asia. This massage is perfect for fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, soreness, and heavy legs. Expect a smoother, healthier skin, due to this massage, as its anti-aging properties reduce stretch marks, relax the senses, and fight drying and/or cracking skin.

Massage Ixelles

Thai Foot Reflexology

45/60 min


This Thai Foot reflexology massage applies pressure to particular areas of the soles of the feet. In this massage, I use my hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles and a rounded wooden Thai foot massage stick in order to stimulates certain areas of the feet. During this session we will be releasing blocked energy within the body's many Sens lines (Thai-based meridians), feeling deep relaxation, balance, and well-being. Not only will the feet be receiving attention but also the lower legs and knees.
We spend most of our time on our feet. For this reason, massaging them can bring a strong feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being. Furthermore, the Thai reflexology techniques help detoxify our body and enhance our immune system.

Massage Thai Ixelles

Thai Herbal Pouch 

60/90 min


This massage has a segment of oil massage & Thai Herbal Pouch Massage


This massage is inspired by an ancient Thai technique which offers excellent results for the relaxation and stimulation of the muscular system, the general activation of the organism, and the improvement of blood circulation. I will perform the massage with warm homemade Thai pouches containing herbs. The massage will firstly consist in long strokes over the body to relax and prepare the body for the tapping and vibration of the warm pouches placed all over the body. This calming and different massage offers muscle relaxation and rejuvenation, helps remove stress, improves the skin by driving it to release toxins, nourishes it, softens it, reduces swellings, decreases joint stiffness, and relieves pain. The herbs' properties are an extra element to help tackle specific issues or attain specific objectives. This massage can also energise the body by stimulating the Sen lines (Thai energy lines/meridians) and cleansing the chakras.

Massage Watermael Boitsfort

Hot Stone Massage 

60/90 min


This massage has a segment of oil massage & Hot Stone Massage

With a hot stone massage, I will help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. In this massage, I will be placing smooth, flat, heated stones on specific parts of your body. I will always check with you whether the temperature is adequate and make sure the session runs smoothly and warmly. Because the warmth relaxes the muscles and improves circulation, this massage improves your muscles' health. I also use a Thai/Swedish massage technique with long strokes, circular movements, vibrations, tapping and kneading. Expect to find yourself more relaxed, less stressed and anxious, have a better night's sleep, boost your immunity, and release symptoms from autoimmune diseases, cancer and others.

Massage Brussels

Reiki and Massage

60/90 min


30 minutes of massage followed by 30 minutes of Reiki healing.


Some acute fundamental precautions and contraindications need to be considered:

- Inflammations

- Recent injuries, particularly bone fractures, as well as muscle and skeleton injuries

- Recent operations

- Open skin wounds

- Phlebitis, Varicose Veins and Thrombosis (with special care)

- Infections and Auto Immune Dysfunctions Syndrome such as Hepatitis, Herpes virus, Chicken Pox, High Fever, and AIDS

- Any type of skin diseases such as Impetigo, Fungi, Scabies, Lice, etc

- Heart Diseases and Disorders (Pacemaker, Open Heart Surgery, Strokes)

- All forms of Cancer need to have a medical advice

- Either early or late stages of Pregnancy (need to be notified)

- A massage should not be received within the one hour after a meal

After receiving a massage, I advise to drink water in order to eliminate toxin and lactic acids developed during the massage process.

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